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Watch & Listen every Sunday from 11am to 1pm to "MIXOLOGY" - LIVE Webcast on and Listen to the INFERNO SHOW every Thursday LIVE TO AIR from 6pm to 8pm on VIBE 105.5FM


You can listen to the INFERNO Show every Thursday “LIVE TO AIR” from 6pm – 8pm on VIBE 105.5FM or on your Rogers Box channel 945 and Bell fibe channel 973. Giving you the best of Old School, Reggae, Soca and Vintage. DJ Niterider works along side DJ Michael Mayhem and DJ Fresh Cut De Mayor. You can call the station @ 416-736-5656 or text @ 647-892-6453 to request your favorite songs on "Old School Inferno", "Dancehall Inferno", " Caribbean Inferno" and "Vintage Inferno." We are now on facebook under Mychael Clarke events INFERNO SHOW VIBE 105.5 FM" and LIVE on Web Cast every Thursday from 6 - 8pm. Watch the INFERNO SHOW LIVE! (see Live Web Cast tab above)

Mychael Clarke aka DJ Niterider "The Mixologist" has a flair for old school, urban and caribbean vibes and has continuously kept the airways alive every Thursday from 6-8pm at VIBE 105.5. He is notably one of the most prominent DJ’s specializing in whatever it takes to move the crowd and has also been honored to receive several awards for the work ethic and talent he has shown. DJ Niterider just wants to play his music, make people dance, have fun and be stress free! If only for one night! Once you hear DJ Niterider do what he does best, you will find yourself saying “Mission Accomplished”!

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