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Thu, 18 Aug 2016 21:04:27 +0000 Shawn Mendes Shows Growth With New Track ‘Mercy’

We’re still a few weeks away from the September 23 release of Shawn Mendes’ second album Illuminate, but the Toronto teen is continuing to keep us intrigued with exciting new tracks. Having already released his lead single “Treat You Better” and the John Mayer-esque “Ruin,” Mendes is now venturing into the world of R&B with […]

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Thu, 20 Sep 2018 19:12:29 +0000 LeBron James & Ryan Coogler Team Up For 'Space Jam 2,' Will Michael Jordan Make A Cameo? + 'Killmonger' Gets His Own Comic Mini-Series

 photo spacejamteaser.png

LeBron James and Ryan Coogler have teamed up to do a Space Jam sequel. Will NBA icon Michal Jordan return for a cameo? Find out inside, plus get the latest about the Killmonger comic mini-series inside...

LeBron James and Ryan Coogler are teaming up to bring up some nostalgic memories for us all while creating new memories for our little ones.

The Los Angeles Laker player and famed director have confirmed they are working on a sequel to the hit 1996 classic, Space Jam, which starred NBA icon Michael Jordan. LeBron is set to star, while Ryan, who brought us Black Panther, will produce.

"[Ryan] gave this generation's kids something I didn't have when I was a kid," James said in the September 19th issue of The Hollywood Reporter. "And that's a superhero movie with an African-American cast."

The four-time NBA MVP said never in his wildest dreams that he imagined he could become a superhero.

"I always wanted to be a superhero. Batman was my favorite. But I knew I could never be Bruce Wayne," he explained. "You've got to understand, for me that was in no way possible; I never felt like I could be the president of a multibillion-dollar company." And look at him now!

Warner Bros. has been down for a Space Jam sequel since 2016 and at the time, Justin Lin (Fast & Furious) was tapped to write and direct. When news got out that a sequel was possibly in the works, Michael Jordan suggested Blake Griffin should star in the move. Many people took that as Jordan firing shots at LeBron.

 photo lebroncover.png

Once LeBron signed on to do the film via his SpringHill production company, LeBron's business partner/friend Maverick Carter ushered Ryan Coogler in. Terence Nance ("Random Acts of Flyness") was then hired to direct. Both LeBron and Maverick have stressed their version will not be sequel, though it could certainly be the beginning of a new franchise.

The original film featured tons of cameos from NBA players. But, will Michael Jordan pop up in the sequel?

"We'll see," Maverick said."Hopefully there will be a role for Michael if he wants it. But Michael Jordan is Michael Fuckin' Jordan. It doesn't matter [if James] calls him, he's gonna do whatever the hell he wants, which he has earned that right to do." And then he added: "LeBron and Michael are not sitting around talking about Space Jam."

By the way, the original film is still the highest grossing basketball movie of all time, earning an estimated $250 million. Let's see if they can make magic happen at the box office again.

You can read LeBron's full THR interview where he talks about Serena Williams at the US Open and Trump's Twitter shenanigans here.

Speaking of superheros...

 photo killmonger.png

There's no question Erik Killmonger (played by Michael B. Jordan) left a lasting impression after seeing 2018's top movie, Black Panther. Now, he's going to tell HIS side of the story.

Marvel announced Killmonger will lead his own comic mini-series, simply titled KILLMONGER. The five part comic will share details about what he experience and how he ended up the way he did in Black Panther.

"I wanted to explore the choices and the failures that lead a person to dedicate their life to revenge, and how that happens," series' writer Bryan Edward Hill told Vulture. "Because with Erik, I feel like it’s really a tragedy. It’s a story of a guy who was failed a lot by Wakanda in certain ways, by the people he met outside of Wakanda, by his own conscience in other ways, and I wanted to paint a portrait of that. Because to me the iconic fight between Erik Killmonger and T’Challa is tragic. It’s something that shouldn’t happen. It’s a conflict that’s borne from a tragic misunderstanding and a young man who was violently taken from his home."

He said folks will be surprised once they really get to know Killmonger.

"What I would like to let readers know is they should expect the unexpected with this. If they think that they know who Erik Killmonger is, they will be surprised by the aspects of this story. There’s everything here."

Hopefully, we see some type of action like what's mentioned in the tweet below:



The first issue is set to be released December 5th.

Peep the cover for the first issue by artist Juan Ferreyra below:



 photo eddienewmovie.png

Eddie Murphy has been tapped by New Line to star in an untitled comedy inspired by the hit Walter Matthau-Jack Lemmon's comedy, Grumpy Old Men. Tim Story (Think Like A Man) will reportedly direct and produce, while John Davis will produce via his Davis Entertainment banner. He produced the original.

As of now, they're still trying to figure out who will star opposite of Eddie, but Deadline reports Samuel L. Jackson's name has been thrown in the mix. The movie was about two lifelong neighbors who've been feuding since childhood. Their hate for one another grows when a new neighbor moves in on the block and they're both trying to shoot their shot. This could be funny.

Photos: Getty/Marvel

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Pete Davidson's New Tattoo Is a Copy of Ariana Grande's 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' Ink

The couple now have words 'mille tendresse' tattooed on the same spot.

[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

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Thu, 18 Aug 2016 19:52:20 +0000 The Best Of The So Gone Challenge

Throughout the years, we’ve participated in the ice bucket challenge, the cinnamon challenge, the Kylie Jenner lip challenge… the list goes on and on. This month, it seems as though social media’s latest viral trend is the So Gone challenge, popularized by hip hop artist Chance The Rapper. The rules to the So Gone challenge […]

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Thu, 20 Sep 2018 17:09:59 +0000 THE REAL! Tamera Mowry Pops Off On Jeannie Mai, Defends Hubby Against Racist Rumors + Teyana Taylor Explains How Feud With Jeremih Started

 photo teyanathereal.png

Tamera Mowry Housley is kicking off this season of "The Real" with a bang. See the awkward exchange between Tamera and co-host Jeannie Mai, plus the clip of her defending her husband Adam Housley, saying he's not racist. Also, get the tea on why Teyana Taylor and Jeremih had a falling out inside...


Season 5 of daytime talk show "The Real" just kicked off and co-host Tamera Mowry Housley is back with a new attitude. Chick is giving her opinion like never before.

During a recent "Girl Chat" segment, the ladies were discussing the story about Sesame Street characters Bert & Ernie being gay. Long-time Sesame Street writer Mark Saltzman said that he wrote Bert and Ernie’s relationship to be that of a "loving couple." Soon after, Sesame Street released a statement saying Bert & Ernie are "best friends" and they "do not have a sexual orientation."

The ladies were discussing if it really mattered to the target audience if Bert & Ernie were gay or not, and that's when things got heated between Tamara and Jeannie Mai. Tamera gave her opinion, saying she didn't care who the characters were or what they are as long as they are teaching her kids good habits. When Jeannie started talking in disagreement, Tamera chimed in mid-sentence and Jeannie asked her to let her finish. That's when Tamera felt some type of way, and it got eyeroll-shady after that.

Check it:


Peep more of the exchange below starting at the 1-minute mark:


It's all love between Tamera and Jeannie though. They came out hugging and laughing on today's show:

 photo real3.png

 photo real1.png

 photo real2.png

 photo real4.png


Like we said, Tamera has seemingly turned a new leaf this season with her outspokenness. The other day, she came to the defense of her husband Adam Housley, letting everyone know he's NOT a racist. Just because he worked for FOX News (which is notoriously known as the alt-right network), she said that doesn't make him a racist. By the way, Adam left the network last month. His controversial views on the meaning of the 4th of July still sit badly with some people though. 

The comment came as the ladies were discussing Les Moonves being ousted at CBS following sexual misconduct allegations and his wife Julie Chen’s decision to leave her show, "The Talk."

“There are some people who think that my husband is racist because he worked for a certain channel,” Tamera said. “I’m gonna look in that camera right there and let everybody know my husband is not a racist.”

Peep the clip below:

Well, folks aren't here for it. Peep a few comments below:

 photo tameracomment3.png

 photo tameracomment2.png

 photo tameracomment1.png

Media personality/hotep "activist" (chile....) Tariq Nasheed pulled up old tweets posted by Adam that he views as racist. Peep the dragging below:








Adam hopped on Twitter yesterday and decided to pop back. Again, he said he's NOT a racist and he's sick of people running with that narrative. Peep the tweets below:

 photo tamerahusband3.png

 photo tamerahusband2.png

Teaching children they simply come from diverse background isn't necessarily the same as teaching them about being black (as well).  Unless you are intentionally doing both. Let's not act brand new here.  Ignoring or sugarcoating race doesn't magically make racial issues disappear.

 photo tamerahusband1.png

Looks like this is going to be an interesting season on "The Real."

Also on the show...


Teyana Taylor kept it all the way real about her falling out with her former tour mate Jeremih.

As you know, Teyana and Jeremih were out on their "Later That Night" tour together. Some ish went down between the two, which resulted in the "3Way" singer hijacking the tour, giving the "Oui" singer the boot. She renamed it to the KTSE Tour and kept the energy going to finish all the dates that were on the schedule, sans Jeremih.

During an appearance on "The Real," Teyana said that Jeremih should have never crossed her when he called her his opening act after they mutually agreed they would be co-headlining the tour. Teyana also said Jeremih didn't put in HALF of the work she put in to promote the concert and then had the nerve to try and "play her" publicly.

"I was doing everything, she explained. "The promotion. I did my own promo videos. I just took it very seriously and I was very, very excited about it. And he did little to no promo. So, we got there and the concerts were sold out. But when we got there, his name was on everything. My name wasn’t even on the ticket."

What?! Yeah, we can see why she was upset.

"But I was trying to explain to him was that’s natural because I’m the only person that’s promoting it. And he was like, ‘I got it to where I don’t got to get on Instagram to promote.’ And I said ‘Well, then baby it ain’t going to be sold out.’ Social media is everything. I’m working my behind off."

She continued, "Then, you call me your opener during one of your shows, but then go on radio and say, ‘I got love for her’ and make it seem like you’re taking the high road. It’s like no, because if you had love for me, you would have never tried to play me live.”

Well there you have it. Peep the clip above.

Photos: The Real's IG

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