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DJ Niterider

Carving his way into the landscape of the city, Mychael Clarke aka DJ Niterider "The Mixologist" has made moving the crowd a labor of love. With sound mixes that penetrate, DJ Niterider travels in music with his experience in Reggae, Soca, Calypso, Old School, Classic House, Soul, Funk, R&B and Hip Hop and has an uncompromising ability to take you further than you thought possible.

No novice to the industry, Niterider has been educating listeners in the fine art of urban music and on January 2nd 2015, Niterider celebrated 25 YEARS with his show Confunksion/Muzikology on CHRY 105.5FM. Now currently on VIBE 105.5FM as of July 1st 2015, his reputation precedes him in some of Toronto’s staples like The Bamboo, Club 27, Fluid Lounge, Reflections and Sweetwater along with servicing Corporate Events all year round throughout Ontario. Listeners are not the only ones that yearn for his talent but collaborations with Krosfyah, Rupee, Square One, Machel Montano, S.O.S Band and Cameo, is indication enough that his sound is professional.

Exposure to his mother’s and father's music archives as a child, years of fine tuning, and a Goliath like appetite for keeping the beat, he is sure to please! His innovative musical knowledge and impeccable skill mixing music seems effortless as you watch him exhibit his talent. You can not narrow DJ Niterider’s skill and versatility to one specific style. Wherever you want the music to take you, there is a guarantee that DJ Niterider has your ticket and will take you there…Are You Ready?

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